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Cleopatra knew the amazing benefits of goat's milk. Now YOU can experience them like never before.

If you have yet to see and feel what a goat's milk can do for your skin...

Suds & Such wants to provide you with the best possible introduction!

And if you're already aware of how great goat's milk is...

Prepare to see how much powerful it is when combined with our 100% natural, organic honey and Shea Butter. 

NYS certified and licensed esthetician Caterina Marra-Vazquez has said that goat's milk "is both an anti-aging wonder and a lifesaver for dry and sensitive skin." 

Few compounds can provide you with the combination of skincare benefits that goat's milk can. And at Suds & Such, we took it to the next level. We realized that by combining other great ingredients, we were able to offer our customers lotions and soaps that are game-changers in exfoliation, rejuvenation, and anti-aging. 

Our special skincare formula includes:

All natural honey- a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Shea Butter-the ultimate skin-soother. Heals skin inflammation and improves elasticity, fights acne.

Goat's milk-chock full of vitamins and nourishing properties!

This formula produces our special lotions and soaps that:

  • Turn back the clock! Our unique combination provides the ultimate anti-aging formula. The feel and healthy glow of your skin will be apparent immediately.
  • Reduce your product needs! The high quality of our lotions eliminates your need for other, chemically-enhanced moisturizers. 
  • Help you feel AMAZING! Both inside and out. Besides the extremely potent skin nourishing qualities, you may just have a new found confidence seeing and feeling your skin's appearance. Trust us when we say seeing is believing!
  • Keep your kids' skin healthy. Our special children's soaps are the perfect way to introduce your little ones to natural, healthy products that make them feel great!
  • Protect. You've heard about our constant exposure to environmental toxins. Its never been more important to treat our skin to helpful ingredients straight from nature.
  • Ensure the highest quality. Unlike other goat's milk-related lotions, we commit to making our products in small batches to guarantee the ultimate in quality control.

People are discovering the wonders of Suds & Such!

"[I love] the fragrance, the way it soaks in my skin and how my skin feels and looks. Also because it is organic."

-Melanie from Kannapolis

"Love the product. Makes my skin so soft and it smells wonderful."

-Shepry from United States

"I absolutely love both the lavender lotion and the sunscreen!! They both smell amazing and are so gentle on my super sensitive skin."

-Melissa from San Jose

"Excellent products, amazing customer service!"

-chryslyn from Whippany

Don't put off your skin's health any longer. Feel the health, vitality and glow that our unique organic lotions and soaps offer.